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KZN Masters Athletics (KZNMA) is an association managing and coordinating masters’ athletics in the KZN province.  Our aim is to encourage, organize and manage athletics in 5 year age groups for Masters Athletes – men & woman aged 30 years and older.  No matter what your level of fitness is, ANYONE is welcome to join the Masters family.

There is an element of competition and rivalry, but overall, it encourages a life-long commitment to fitness, well-being and a healthy lifestyle. KZNMA is also a platform where athletes and supporters can socialize, have fun, and build lifelong friendships along the way. For most masters athletes it’s all about setting a new PB (personal best) and personal goals every year.

So how does masters athletics work? As mentioned, you compete in 5 year age group categories, meaning you compete against athletes that are more or less the same age. Age groups are 35 – 39, 40 – 44, 45 – 49 etc. This works slightly different from road race categories which operates in 10-year categories as you age.

Athletes can compete in road-races, walking events, cross-country and track & field.  Masters athletics keep track of age group records. There is an annual national championship event, usually in May each year. There are no qualifying standards for competing at the provincial or national championships, meaning anyone of any ability or age can compete. Athletes can earn provincial and national colours in their events, based on a minimum standard criteria per event.

Athletes must join KZNMA to be eligible and recognized to compete as a Masters athlete.  KZNMA is affiliated with KZNA (KwaZulu Natal Athletics), SAMA (South African Masters Athletics) and WMA (World Masters Athletics).  Through these affiliations, registered masters athletes are eligible to compete in the Provincial and South African Masters Athletics Championships held annually and the World Masters Athletics Championships held every 2 years.  Provincial colours, national colours and records will only be recognized if you are a KZNMA member.  Please note that you have to be a member of a REGISTERED ATHLETICS CLUB to join KZNMA as you need to be an ASA registered athlete.

There are a number of ways to compete as a master in KZN.  Road-running and race walking are very popular with Masters athletes.  There are numerous events on the KZN and national calendar for athletes to explore.  Cross-country fanatics can compete in the KZN cross-country league, which have hosted events across KZN. For track & field enthusiasts there is the KZNA track & field league which usually have events from January to March & October to November each year. The KZN track & field championships are usually held in March each year.

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